Timing May Not Be Everything

By Jon Esposito

Timing your post-workout shakes may not be as important as you think. The information on post-workout nutrition varies wildly, however, the consensus is trending in the same direction. The timing of your post-workout shake is dependent on your situation and when your last meal was. This also varies amongst athletes and the general population. However, this study implies that pre and post exercise meals should not be separated by more than 3-4 hours. However, if protein is delivered within particularly large mixed-meals (which are inherently more anticatabolic, less breakdown), then that window can be expanded to 5-6 hours. Therefore, depending on how long you wait to train between meals and the type of exercise you are doing (resistance training, etc) and when you will be eating again post training will determine when you should take a post-workout supplement or shake. Moreover, the takeaway is that generally speaking there is a 3-6 hour window of when you can consume a post-workout shake. Inquire within to find out more about nutrient timing!

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